Our values.

At Léo et Violette, since the very first day, we have integrated the notion of responsibility in our values. Towards you, but also towards the environment, through the way we produce our collections.
From design to distribution, we care deeply about our products which reflect our values : timeless, high-quality, at fair price. A short-circuit fabrication, providers carefully selected and justified costs : these are our commitments that never changed since 2013 and that we detail for you below.

From A to Z.

We go through every detail about the steps through which a design is born.
At each step are underlined the values of Lé et Violette : towards you, with a reasonable and high-quality production.

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At Léo et Violette, we create our bags thinking first of you. All our products are imagined and designed in Paris, in our Studio on Rue Sainte-Anne.
Most of the time, the idea of a design comes from a need that you expressed through the various feedbacks we collect all year long.

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Made in Italy and Spain

Our leathers come exclusively from skins retrieved in the food industry. We only work with tanneries in Italy, France and Spain. For each provider, we seek specific characteristics to make sure that the material we chose corresponds exactly to the products we want to fabric.

More than the qualitative aspect of our providers, we also select them for their ecological commitment. That’s why we offer more and more vegetal tanning, done with a less polluant process and totally natural. Our grained leathers, and some of our small leather goods are offered in this same vegetal tanning.
Still on this search for opportunities to improve our production towards more sustainability, this year we work with the Adapta company, which upcycles unused leathers from famous leather good houses. Reduce losses, reuse, work in closed circuits : all those ideas are offered to you for a more reasonable production.

Last, but not least : all our products are handmade in our factory close to Naples. Them, and us, it’s been 8 years already and going. Working with a family company, it’s the opportunity to offer you a precious expertise. For us, there is no other way than producing in Italy or Spain, to keep such a level of quality in our fabrication.

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> A nice fabrication

All of our bags are handmade in Naples, Italy in a family factory created in the 80's. Each step of the fabrication is done following specifications respectful of the handicraft work of leather goods. From leather cut, to slice dyeing, and assembling : all those steps are handmade by experts craftsmen.

> A nice production

It sometimes happens that our permanent designs are not immediately available, but 2 or 3 weeks after your purchase. Why ? To avoid overproduction, and therefore making useless stocks. We order every two month, with reasonable quantities that follow our demand. This way, our factory has time to produce your bag with all the care.

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Our greatest satisfaction : seeing you with your Leo et Violette bag, several years after you purchased it. For that, we choose extremely carefully the leathers, metallic parts, and materials used for our designs. So that you can keep using your bag for years. The design of products follows this same logic : the bucket bag, the box bag, briefcases are all timeless and elegant designs that go through the years gracefully.

> Guaranteed products

We care deeply to give you the best quality of service that can be. All our products have a one-year guarantee, in which we take care of repairing your product for free. Reparations are made in the same factory that produces our bags in Naples.

> Made to last for years, with you

We try to give maximum advice for you to maintain and keep your product for a long time. Beyond the guarantee, we offer when it's possible to repair your product. A damaged strap or a metallic piece to replace, our goal : that you keep your Léo et Violette bag for as long as possible.

Our goal : offer you well designed products, well made and at a fair price, all year long.


Origin of leather


2 factories : one in Spain, for small leather goods, and one in Italy for bags.

icone cuire

Our leathers entirely come from French, Spanish and Italian tanneries.


3/4 of the products are designs from the permanent collection. 40% of the designs have existed for more than 5 years.

icone prix

Zero intermediate nor reseller : that's what explains a fair price all year long.


100% of our production is handmade in Spain and Italy.

icone fabriqué à la main

A short-circuit fabrication. We work exclusively with local partners, respectful of our values.

And if you have any question,
do not hesitate to reach out.

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